Blood Pressure and Health

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Blood Pressure

Based in East Orange, New Jersey, Dr. Alexander Salerno is the lead physician of a multi-generational office that provides underserved communities with an integrated approach to health care. Dr. Alexander Salerno founded the Senior Healthcare Outreach Program (SHOP), which provides house calls to older residents in the area. Through SHOP, he offers general medical examinations for seniors, including blood pressure evaluations.

Blood pressure is a gauge of one’s overall circulatory system. Patients with high blood pressure have an increased risk of stroke, kidney disease, and heart failure. They also have a higher chance of damage to the arteries, which may lead to a heart attack. Blood pressure generally increases with age, particularly after middle age. A normal blood pressure range is 120/80.

Among older adults, the risk factors for high blood pressure are similar to those in the general population. Individuals at highest risk are those with obesity, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes.


Behavioral Health and Well Being

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Behavioral Health

Dr. Alexander Salerno serves as the lead physician at Salerno Medical Associates, LLP. Possessing nearly 15 years of experience in internal medicine, Dr. Alexander Salerno and the team at the New Jersey-based practice provide patients with integrated care that aims to improve the health of their body and mind.

While many people think of good health as primarily related to their physical well-being, behavioral health can play a major role in bodily function. Mental health conditions such as depression can take a physical toll on patients that may manifest itself through body aches, extreme fatigue, sleep deprivation, and eating disorders.

Additionally, untreated depression can make people more susceptible to unhealthy behaviors such as substance abuse and increase their risk of developing heart disease. Depression may also lead to a weakened immune system, forgetfulness, and headaches. Studies suggest that nearly 7 percent of adults in the United States are living with depression.

Clinical Depression and Treatment

A New Jersey physician with a background in internal medicine, Dr. Alexander Salerno leads Salerno Medical Associates, LLP, a second-generation primary care practice. Dr. Alexander Salerno helps patients with emotional disorders, such as clinical depression.

A severe form of depression, clinical depression is also referred to as major depression or major depressive disorder. People with the condition experience persistent sadness, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, a loss of interest in hobbies, and a low appetite, among other symptoms. Major depressive episodes can be debilitating and cause a person to struggle with routine activities, such as working and sleeping.

While some individuals may experience clinical depression only once in their lives, others may have recurring episodes. People with symptoms that last longer than two weeks should seek out the help of a physician who can prescribe medication and offer assistance in obtaining psychological counseling and psychotherapy. The latter treatment involves speaking to a qualified therapist in order to develop coping techniques and to determine methods for replacing negative thoughts with positive ones in order to overcome a depressive state. Support groups are another alternative to teach people healthy lifestyle patterns.