Older Individuals and Problems with Dizziness

Older Individuals and Dizziness pic
Older Individuals and Dizziness
Image: ehow.com

Dr. Alexander Salerno, who practices in New Jersey, has received recognition for excellence in patient care. Over the years, Dr. Alexander Salerno has worked with patients of a wide range of ages, including elderly individuals who are experiencing problems with their balance.

Many people experience dizziness and balancing issues as they age. This can pose a serious problem by making it more difficult for a person to live alone or navigate his or her living space safely. Inner ear problems, such as an infection, can cause a person to experience dizziness, or vertigo. However, in many cases, the cause of the dizziness is a general decrease in the body’s functioning that occurs with age. For instance, the number of nerve endings within the ear declines, and blood flow to the area tends to decrease. As result, a person might experience more difficulty staying upright and balancing, particularly while walking on ground that is uneven or in areas that are not lit well.

To prevent a potentially serious accident from occurring, older individuals and their family members should take steps to safeguard the home. These steps may include installing sturdy railings along hallways or handholds in the bathroom. Upgrading the lighting to ensure that the person can see well and removing walking obstacles are other good ideas that can help prevent an accident and provide improved peace of mind.


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