An Introduction to Hospice

Hospice pic

As second-generation head of Salerno Medical Associates in New Jersey, Dr. Alexander Salerno offers integrated care to a diverse patient population. Dr. Alexander Salerno also stands out as founder of the Community Healthcare Outreach Program, formerly known as the Senior Health Outreach Program, and is dedicated to improving access to services within under-resourced communities.

Unlike traditional medical care, which offers treatment in the hopes of extending life expectancy or facilitating a cure, hospice care focuses solely on quality of life and comfort. It is intended for patients whose medical condition is considered terminal, and as such it offers pain and symptom management as well as occupational, physical, and other supplemental therapies. Hospice addresses the needs of the entire family, not only the patient, and as such also provides caregiver support and grief counseling.

Hospice can be considered an option when the patient’s life expectancy is six months or fewer. However, if the patient does exceed this prognosis, care continues as long as it is relevant and therapeutic. The patient may receive care at his or her home or at a medical, nursing care, or specialized hospice facility, depending on availability and individual patient needs. Patients with terminal illnesses and their families can discuss the details of hospice with a doctor or other professional.


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